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Bedded By Her LordBedded By Her Lord (Guy of Hartford)
Harlequin Historical ~ November 2007
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Her husband...a stranger...

Captive for seven years, Lord Guy of Hartford has lived for the moment when he would see his adored wife once more. But as he enters his keep, his own men do not recognize him, and Elizabeth's guilt is plain for all to see. Could she have betrayed him?

Elizabeth hardly knows her husband in this remote, battle-scarred stranger. Yet the passionate desire between them cannot be denied. Can she find her way back into his arms...and to the love they once shared?

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Bedded By Her Lord ~ Excerpt:

..."Take off your shoes."

His quietly issued order chased away what she'd been about to say. "I beg your pardon?"

"Your shoes, take them off."

She looked around. "We're in the middle of the woods, why would I take off my shoes?"

A smile sent surely from the devil himself lifted Guy's lips and shimmered in his eyes. "See how quick you catch on? Without your shoes you won't be able to leave these woods will you?"

She'd be neatly trapped if she did anything so foolish. "I will do no such thing."

He shrugged before catching her unaware and pulled her up over his shoulder, knocking the wind from her. "I will do it for you then." Deftly removing her shoes, he tossed them to the guards. "You are dismissed."

She had no time to catch her breath to issue a cursed protest before he marched into the cottage and kicked the door shut behind them.

"Guy, don't do this."

"I haven't even begun." He dumped her onto the bed. She landed on her back and when she moved to rise, he towered over her. "Do not."

Something in his voice held her still. She swallowed her anger and closed her eyes against the deep, deadly tone.

Dear Lord, what had she done to provoke this attack from him? A whisper from the depth of her soul supplied the answer. She'd committed adultery and then lied to him. How could she have expected anything from him besides anger and disgust?

Bedded By Her Lord ~ Reviews: 

BEDDED BY HER LORD is a strong character driven medieval romance that grips sub-genre from start to finish. The story line is filled with angst yet remains fast-paced as Guy and the audience learns the shocking truth re his wife's lover. Sub-genre readers and historiographers will appreciate the sequel to COMMANDED TO HIS BED, as the same event covered in both historicals are seen somewhat differently by two people who were there. ~ Harriet Klausner

Denise Lynn's writing has matured indeed. Bedded By His Lord is passionate, historically intriguing, and plot-driven to hold the reader's attention, pleasure and admiration to the very last page! Congratulations again, Ms. Lynn - great medieval Harlequin fiction! ~ Viviane Crystal

BEDDED BY HER LORD is an intense riveting suspenseful read where the villain is truly sadistic and the reader experiences first hand the inner battles that warriors returning home might have experienced. The brutality does not include gratuitous violence or many graphic scenes, but rather, Denise Lynn does an excellent job at portraying the psychological inward drama within Guy at the same time as he stoically approaches his wife. Denise Lynn emphasizes the importance and extent of one's oath in her characterization of both Guy and Elizabeth thereby creating a historical romance that feels medieval in its examination of the values of its characters. The concept of the oath is examined here with a psychological depth that creates a bridge between medieval literature and the modern world of today's readers. In addition, Denise Lynn extends the notion of the oath, viewing the medieval concept in a both more intimate way between a man and a woman but also for its social implications for all those living in and supported by the keep. Denise Lynn also did an excellent job with the theme of communication and silence here, creating suspenseful emotional moments between Guy and Elizabeth as they battle to save their marriage and themselves from the wars and vicious villain that rage around them. BEDDED BY HER LORD is a wonderful, intense medieval historical romance that delves into the psychological devastation caused by war and brings darkness to the healing power of love. ~ Medieval Book Reviews

It is a testament to Denise Lynn's storytelling abilities I found myself thoroughly enjoying her reunited story, BEDDED BY HER LORD. Why? Well, I pretty much detest reunited stories. I am a big believer in true love, that whole soul mate thing, and I figure if a couple is destined to be together they ought to get it right the first time. So, maybe I am weird, but that belief is my theory and I am sticking to it.

Ms. Lynn really excels at three things—creating yummy heroes, feisty heroines and liberally saturating her stories with gobs of sexual tension. All three of these elements thrive in the lively BEDDED BY HER LORD.

Oh, Ms. Lynn also excels at spinning an exciting, enticing tale. Guy and Elizabeth have a bumpy road back to romance, but their story is told with warmth and humor.

This twisty, curvy fast-paced romance also boasts a crafty, sneaky mystery cranking up the glued-to-the-pages factor another notch.

With a devilishly divine hero and an equally appealing heroine, BEDDED BY HER LORD is wickedly entertaining. ~ Debbie Jett

Lynn's tale has a strong plot, a heartbreaking romance and an ending that leaves readers in doubt until the last page. Her fans will be intrigued at how she relates a battle scene from the first book in the series from another character's viewpoint. ~ Faith V. Smith for Romantic Times


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