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Commanded To His BedCommanded To His Bed (Hugh of Ryebourne)
Harlequin Historical ~ April 2007
ISBN:  0-373-29445-X
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He was taken from Adrienna on their wedding night, and sold as a slave. Now, released from captivity, Hugh of Ryebourne wants revenge. Believing Adrienna played a part in his capture, he plans to seduce his wife into bed-- but he won't use force. He wants her to come willingly...

Adrienna is shocked by the reappearance of her estranged husband. She can't deny the desire this dark, brooding man arouses in her, but Hugh is no longer the young boy she once knew. He is all man now, rugged and very dangerous.






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Commanded To His Bed ~ Excerpt:


From Chapter One:

Queen Eleanor's Court at Poitiers—May 1171

In the three months she'd been at Queen Eleanor's court, men had called her many things—the least unpleasant, and familiar, had something to do with ice and frost. She'd heard that complaint more times than not.

Yet now, each article of clothing seemed to evaporate like the morning mists. Her gown fell from her body, leaving the evening air free to whisper across her quivering flesh. With nothing more than a smoldering stare, he undressed her slowly, one agonizing layer at a time.

Adrienna of Hallison trembled with anticipation, fear and a longing so intense she was certain she'd die. She wanted more than just his gaze. She wanted his breath on her neck, his lips against hers. Her breasts strained against the bodice of her gown, seeking his caress, aching for the touch of his hands.

Beneath the tight layers of linen and silk that concealed her body, her skin tingled. Fire and ice coursed through her veins. She prayed she'd not reveal her desire by blushing. To her utter dismay, heat filled her cheeks. She studied the richly laden table before her, hoping to hide her flaming face from him.

Men were the same everywhere. Fortified keep or lush palace mattered not. They had fought for the right to thaw her composure. All had failed.

Their false, near-fawning attention held little interest. At times, when it wasn't downright tiresome, it bordered on the ridiculous.

If they could perceive her thoughts at this moment they would be shocked. No man had ever caused her blood to rush in this manner. Never had anyone conjured this unbidden state of desire from her. They would be appalled by the heat coursing through her body at the mere stare of a stranger. A dark and dangerous stranger dressed in the deepest shade of blue she'd ever seen. The near-black attire made him even more noticeable than the brightly adorned peacocks that filled Eleanor's court.

Yet, those peacocks had been correct. Her body, as well as her heart, had been frozen for what seemed a lifetime.

Until now.

The stranger's stare bore through her, forcing her attention back to him. His eyes stripped away her clothing and laid her body bare.

With a quick ragged breath she yearned for his touch. Would his fingers be rough against her soft flesh? Would his hands carry the same flame that burned from his eyes?

Commanded To His Bed ~ Reviews:

The plot is intriguing, spicier than you can imagine, dangerous as Hugh kills with his bare hands to protect and obtain what he is determined will be his! A few unpredictable, astonishing revelations about who is really responsible for Hugh's horrendous journey to this point will jolt the reader away from what initially appears to be a stereotypical tale. In the Falcon series, Denise Lynn showed she could combine history and romance in a searing, wild, and passionate story. She has done no less in Commanded to His Bed. A new and different twist on passionate possibilities! Nice job, Ms. Lynn! ~ Viviane Crystal, Crystal Reviews

Lynn’s medievals are always good, and her latest will not disappoint. The hero is more than a warrior with a sword; he also possesses martial art skills. The heroine is a wife who believes she’s a widow. Confused? Actually, the plot is easy to follow and has surprising turns as well as secondary characters that can stand alone. This is a compelling tale of love and evil. ~ Romatic Times Book Reviews

With non stop action and violence, passion and love, Denise Lynn skillfully brings this tale to life. Commanded to his Bed will keep you turning the pages to see what will happen next. First rate job for Denise Lynn. ~ Debby Guyette, CataRomance


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