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Dragon's CurseDragon's Curse (Cameron Drake)
Book #2 ~ The Drakes
Harlequin Nocturne ~ July 2012
ISBN:  978-0-373-88550-3
eISBN: 9781459233768
© by Harlequin Enterprises Limited

Only the threat of losing her brother could force Ariel Johnson to break out of her predictable existence and into the stronghold of a changeling's ancestral estate. Following him from a mystical island to a remote Appalachian resort, she's trapped between sibling loyalty and an unquenchable desire for a lover who is both beast and man.

But when Cameron Drake's inner beast is awakened by the beauty he would claim for his perfect mate, his human side is not so easily convinced--for he knows Ariel is in the pocket of a sorcerer who wants his family dead.

There are no easy choices for a woman who has yet to embrace her power within. And when love is wrapped in a curse, all will pay to play...



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Dragon's Curse ~ Excerpt:

From Chapter One:

... Dragons don’t exist, Ariel.

Her parents’ words whispered in her mind. This wasn’t happening. It was a dream. She tried to convince herself that when she opened her eyes, she would be back in London, sitting in a plush office reading her brother’s notes. Better yet, she would be at home still believing all was well and normal.

Hot, moist air brushed across her cheek, chasing away her last thread of hope.

Of all the gruesome deaths she could imagine, Ariel didn’t want to die like this. She fell forward, her hands clasped together, face down on the floor, begging, “Please. Dear Lord, please don’t kill me.”

With her eyes still tightly closed, she heard the beast’s scraping movement, then what sounded like the rustling of clothes and the metallic scratch of a zipper.

Confusion swirled into the fear. She raised her head and opened her eyes. Instead of a beast, she saw a man.

In that split second before cloth covered his muscular back, she swore a glittering iridescent dragon etched along one shoulder blade stretched before settling into place.

Frozen in place, Ariel blinked as the chamber was once again cloaked in darkness.

“You can come out.”

His deep, raspy voice, an odd mixture of human and something not quite human, promised danger – and so much more.

“If I was going to kill you, I’d have done so by now.”

Something in his tone beckoned her to trust him. Ariel shook her head, fighting to ward off the increasing urge to obey his summons.

She couldn’t permit herself to be that foolish. Not if she wanted to live. She had to live – her brother’s life depended on her. Instead, she once again reached toward her holster, hoping this time she’d be able to free the charged weapon. Before she could even touch the stun gun, strong fingers clamped around her wrist.

Ariel shivered. The saying that life passed before one’s eyes at the moment of death was true. It did - at a dizzying pace. Every mistake she’d made, each regret she carried close to her heart, flew through her mind in a flash.

As she drew in what would certainly be her last breath, the man - the creature - the changeling pulled her to her feet. They were surrounded by a darkness so black she couldn’t see the end of her nose, but she sensed his nearness.

The sensual warmth of his body next to hers meant he was far too close. The feel of his breath against her cheek made her fear he’d consume her in a blaze of fire.

But instead of breathing out fire, he inhaled slowly, as if taking in her scent. His lips brushed her temple, making her heart thud even harder - faster, as he suggested, “You might want to run before I change my mind.”

Ariel clutched the flashlight to her chest, realizing in that moment that he had released her wrist. Without a second thought, she turned and in the dark, raced blindly down the corridor. She bounced off the damp walls, but didn’t slow her pace until she reached the door.

His deep, husky laugh followed her. It seemed to rush against her ears as she fumbled with the latch and jerked the wall open enough to squeeze through.

Once outside, oblivious of the spotlight, Ariel kept running until she reached the hole she’d cut into the fence, then she dived through the opening to the other side. Renalde would have to find someone else to come back to Mirabilus, or devise a different plan.

Now that she knew dragons did indeed exist and they in no way resembled anything from her nearly forgotten dreams, there wasn’t enough money in the world to convince her to return. She’d have to find another way to save her brother.

Cameron Drake stood outside the shed watching the woman’s frantic escape. Anyone would be terrified to come face to face with a dragon. But more than fear laced this woman’s emotions.

He’d also sensed her flare of unwanted lust. To his chagrin, his beast had also sensed the brief spark of desire – with undivided interest.

Dragon's Curse ~ Reviews:

DRAGON’S CURSE (4) by Denise Lynn: Desperate to save her injured younger brother Carl from the evil sorcerer holding him captive, Ariel Johnson agrees to go undercover as a landscape architect at Cameron Drake’s Appalachian resort, even though she’s already been terrified by a dragon at one of the owner’s other properties. Even while frantic over her brother, she’s drawn to the irresistible Cam — both while awake and in her dreams. But when she finds out Cam is the dragon and his beast finds its mate in Ariel, she’s forced to confront her own inner powers. The constant danger and burning attraction between Ariel and Cam add excitement, and an original, action-packed plot make for a must-read. ~ Alexandra Kay for Romantic Times Reviews

...Denise Lynn fascinates with creativity. The premise behind her story about wizards and dragons is original, and the happenings are imaginative with inventiveness. There are quite a few scenes all through the book that will surprise the reader with startling discoveries, and several of the disclosures are much unexpected. Before all is concluded, I was caught off guard a number of times and the reasons are all very skillfully entwined into the plot. Ms. Lynn expertly makes her paranormal stories noteworthy, and DRAGON’S CURSE continuously kept my attention... ~ Amelia ~ Cataromance


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