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Dragon's LairDragon's Lair (Braeden Drake)
Book #1 ~ The Drakes

Harlequin Nocturne ~ February 2009
ISBN:  0-373-61805-0
eISBN: 9781426827976
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When his family's nemesis tried to find a book of Druidic-elder spells. Druid Braeden Drake and his estranged wife, Alexia, must unite to prevent the evil force from unleashing a supreme reign of terror. But having Alexia return to Dragon's Lair brings along another set of troubles. For not only does she make him senseless with desire, she's also being followed by the enemy.

Though tragedy once drove them apart, Alexia didn't count on her return igniting so many powerful emotions. But as each dark night descends, revisiting the marriage bed is a temptation she finds more and more difficult to resist. All too soon Alexia realizes her heart is as much at risk as her life...





Dragon's Lair ~ Excerpt:


From Chapter One:

. . . She crossed to the desk. When no one came to greet her, Alexia peered over the counter and picked up a map of the hotel from behind the counter. Management offices were down the hall to the left.

Certain she'd find Braeden's office there, she headed down the long, dark hall stopping at the first set of huge, metal-studded double doors. If the Lord of the Castle had an office, this had to be it. A quick glance at the brass wall plate confirmed her guess.

Should she march right in, knock, or turn around and leave? Her stomach somersaulted. Her heart raced. She couldn't decide.

Why? After all this time, why? She'd successfully squashed her feelings for him--her anger and near hatred had made it easy enough. So why now had her legs turned to jelly?

She sensed him just beyond the door. The spicy scent of his aftershave swirled beneath her nose, awakening more intimate memories. The gentleness of his large hands brushing against her cheek. She shivered, remembering the feeling of his warm breath against her neck.

Those tangible memories could easily be pushed back. It was the others, the more recent ones, that threatened to bring her to her knees.

Her chest tightened as she remembered. When he'd lifted her from the car wreck, his voice had been husky and deep with concern. But when she'd lost the baby they'd both longed for, he'd blamed her.

And when she'd tried to explain he'd insisted that her mind was playing tricks with her.

Alexia lifted her hand to the throbbing in her chest. She couldn't do this. She couldn't face him. Not even after all this time. She'd have to find some other place of safety - because Dragon's Lair wasn't safe after all.

Quickly, before she was discovered, she turned and headed back down the hall toward the lobby.

The door behind her groaned. She clutched the package in her arms to her chest, hoping the pressure would slow down her pounding heart.

"Leaving already?" Braeden's deep voice rippled over her, stopping her escape.

"I don't know."

The carpet beneath his feet silenced his footsteps, but she sensed his approach. And to her horror her body warmed in welcome.

Obviously perceiving her body's response, he rested a hand on her shoulder. Then quickly withdrew his touch as if he'd been burned.

The brief contact had been enticing, yet at the same time it had proved baffling. The sudden urge to run from desires and longings she thought safely put to rest collided with the need to lean into the chest so close behind her. It would be oh, so easy to relax against his broad chest, tuck her head beneath his chin and let his strong arms enclose her in still-familiar warmth and safety.


"Made up your mind yet? Staying or leaving?"

Dragon's Lair ~ Reviews:

Ms Lynn has put together a fast-paced sexy tale of two wounded hearts trying to find trust in each other. This book was great from start to finish and will grace my keeper shelf. ~ Robin, Night Owl Romance

An intense, even dark atmosphere hovers around this story, darkening the shadows even more than the brooding castles and the magical subterfuge at work. There is a real feeling of menace that threatens this couple and their own mistrust of each other is palpable. You get the feeling that as dangerous as Braeden's more malevolent kin may be, the real struggle is against the darkness in the hearts of this couple. Their pain and their attempts to rebuild their relationship are very real: you want to see them back together and you want to see their love rekindled. Their dance of attraction and distrust around each other leaves you breathless with hope. This is definitely one Nocturne well worth re-reading! ~ Renee C. Mulhare, Amazon

This is an excellent romantic fantasy starring a wonderful lead couple caught in a great premise. They each feel their relationship suffers from a weird sexual bi-polar syndrome as they bounce from euphoric passion to abject loathing and back in an instant; neither is cognizant that their sudden uncontrollable desire seems to occur whenever they begin to translate the tome. Lacking restraint makes for a fun tale that sub-genre fans will relish as the powerful battle to control the Druidic spell book starts with a need for the lead couple to find a way to restrict their extremes so they can work as a team. ~ Harriet Klausner

It's been a while since I've read a Nocturne, and when I end up with a good one I always ask myself why I wait so long to read another. Never really get a good answer to that question other than the usual too many books, too little time. I'm determined to remedy that as far as these Nocturnes go, though. I've had great luck with them in getting good stories and terrific characters, and Dragon's Lair is right up there with the best. ~ Sandy M, Good, Bad and Unread

Medieval diva Denise Lynn turns her considerable storytelling talents toward the contemporary arena with a spicy, captivating paranormal. Silhouette Nocturne's DRAGON'S LAIR boasts a real, appealing romantic couple reunited against a nasty immortal bent on destroying the pair and a storyline as magical as the hero's powers.

Ms. Lynn keeps the sexual tension high while focusing almost exclusively on the alpha, incredibly sexy wizard Braeden Drake (whose sometimes overwhelming arrogance might be tempered with a well-placed baseball bat) and his feisty wife, Alexia. While these two strong personalities clash with each other, their obvious attraction for each other blazes across the pages of DRAGON'S LAIR. ~Debbie Jett

Denise Lynn once again has crafted an absolutely astonishing, unexpected story and conclusion that will thrill every reader rooting for Braeden and Alexia's healing reunion and insatiably curious about the outcome of the battle for the Druidic elder spells. Dragon's Lair is the best of all Denise Lynn's terrific novels! ~ Viviane Crystal, Crystal Reviews

Enchantingly imaginative with a spellbinding premise and unforgettable characters, DRAGON'S LAIR enthralls during every riveting moment. ~ Amelia Richard, CataRomance

Pursued by men wanting her to translate an ancient manuscript, Alexia Reve-Drake runs to her estranged husband, Braeden, for protection. Together they must stop an ancient wizard determined to take power from the manuscript and kill both husband and wife. Novel and engaging, Lynn's excellent story combines realism and fantasy. Strong characters and complex problems make this book impossible to put down. ~ Alexandra Kay for Romantic Times Review, 4 1/2


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