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Dream KnightDream Knight (Catheryn of Brezden)
Boroughs Publishing Group - November 2013
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Such was the warning of Lady Catheryn’s husband-to-be, the powerful warrior who dispatched her dishonorable guardian, unknowingly answering both her prayers and nocturnal visions. And he seemed right. His past was too bleak, his nature too violent. But Baron Gerard also promised to never beat her, to be kind, to care for Brezden Keep and her people, and the spark in his eye was not kindled by bloodlust alone. His strong hands could be gentle and build fires in her. So perhaps the witch and her magic sachet had the right of it. Perhaps Gerard of Reveur was not only a protector but a better husband and a truer love than either of their tortured souls could ever imagine.




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Dream Knight ~ Excerpt:


From Chapter One:

Brezden Keep, England—The Year of Our Lord 1142

“He is out there,” Catheryn, Lady of Brezden, whispered into the empty darkness.

It had been three nights since her dream began. Each night, during her fitful slumber, she’d witnessed the deadly attack. The destruction of her home and the deaths of her people at the hands of an unknown warrior. Only then did he turn his ferocious attention toward her. But tonight…tonight the dream—nay, the nightmare—seemed not just a vision of her sleep, it seemed more a portent of the future.

Between the castle walls and the forest, nothing moved. Cold spring rain fell on the surrounding terrain, yet the blustering wind carried the scent of a man bent on destruction, a destruction that she herself had unwittingly called forth. Perhaps her own destruction. But she would not regret it. One simple charm, meant to give her a glimpse of the man who would be her life’s love, had worked well. Far too well. She felt his nearness in the chill of the night air.

The rustle of the trees vibrated with his strong, steady heartbeat, and Catheryn shivered—not from the cold or the rain, but from the knowledge that, no matter his true form and visage, her vision would soon come to life. What exactly had she summoned? To trust her dream, a helmeted demon with hard, unforgiving eyes. She would meet her “true love,” and surely not in the manner or shape she had imagined. Not that she had encountered any such gentleness from men. Not for many years.

“My lady, you should be abed.”

“He has come, Agnes.” Catheryn despised the alarm she heard in that simple declaration, a fear she would never voluntarily show to anyone. But she could never successfully hide the emotion from her nursemaid. Since the murder of Catheryn’s mother, Agnes had been more than just a servant; she had become the very strength that kept Catheryn from falling into an abyss of despair.

“Who is here?”

“My ‘true love.’” Catheryn almost laughed at the thought. She turned the sachet over in her hands one more time then relinquished it. “The dark knight of my dreams has arrived.”

“Fie,” Agnes said, examining the pouch. “That isn’t possible.”

“You think I don’t know that?” Catheryn peered deeper into the night. Her dark intended’s heartbeat drummed in her blood. “But regardless of what was supposed to happen with that sachet, I cannot deny what I know without doubt will happen.” And she did know. At least part of it. She resisted the urge to give in to the hysterical laughter threatening to bubble forth, turned away from her chamber’s single window and lit the tallow candles ensconced on the wall.

“This is impossible. Mistress Margaret said—”

“I don’t care what the midwife said.” Catheryn pulled a gown from the clothing chest and tossed it atop her bed. “All I know is that the good mistress’s charm must be stronger than we thought.”

Agnes grabbed the gown before Catheryn could slip it on. “What are you doing?”

“Preparing to meet my destiny.”

“But you said he was leading an assault. You are not going to meet him at the gates!”

“What else can I do? He will find me regardless.” Catheryn retrieved the dress with a gentle tug and slipped it over her head. “And shall I let Brezden’s true sons be attacked without giving them notice? Shall I stay here in my chamber quivering like a coward?”

“Pike is the master here. Let him deal with any invaders.”

This time Catheryn did laugh—with disdain. Months after her father’s death, a little over four years ago, King Stephen had appointed Pike her family’s guardian and steward of Brezden. Her two sisters had been sent away when Catheryn’s mother received news regarding the man’s appointment.

Rumors of Pike were plentiful, and they confirmed what her mother already knew, so she wanted the girls as far away as possible to keep them from his reach. She’d sent them and a couple of her father’s older, trusted guards to France to live with distant relatives until she could find a way to get rid of him. She never had. Catheryn had adamantly refused to go, and her mother had been unable to sway her. Catheryn was glad she stayed. She’d been able to offer at least a little comfort to her mother, especially in those final days. No matter the cost to herself.

“Pike? What do you think he will do? He will consult his minion, de Brye.” A shiver coursed down her spine. “Then the two of them will save their own hides, using whatever means they can.” It was a shame. She’d like to see the pair try to meet the oncoming assault.

“But what about—?”

“No!” Before Agnes could say anything more, Catheryn strengthened her resolve. “I must do this. Don’t you see? A man comes to sack Brezden, a man who will surely succeed. No one else is aware of his presence, and since I am the only one here, it is my responsibility to warn what few loyal soldiers we have left to seek safety.”

Without allowing her nursemaid another word, Catheryn opened the door to her chamber then walked out into the dark corridor beyond. She’d resisted the urge to soothe the worry lines from the woman’s brow, and as she walked she fought the need to return to Agnes and provide reassurance. Not that she could. How could she ease the concerns of another when she didn’t know herself what this night would bring?

Dream Knight ~ Reviews:

"This is medieval romance at its best -- full of intrigue, pageantry, and steamy sensuality. A wonderful debut from a very talented author! Denise Lynn is fantastic!" ~ Award winning author ~ Tina St. John aka Lara Adrian ~ "Lord of Vengeance" / "Lady of Valor"

Get ready to put aside those waiting chores as you will find yourself riveted to the tale of the Dream Knight!!! You may not want this heroine's initial dream but you will definitely crave the devouring love that ensues and grows despite formidable barriers! ~ Viviane for What I'm Reading

". . . New author Denise Lynn weaves a girlish fantasy, the dream bag, with the reality of 12th century politics and intrigue. The horror of war is a compelling contrast to the dreams and hopes of a young woman. Readers of medieval romance will enjoy this well-researched story with its richness of detail as they root for these strong-willed characters to put aside the past and embrace their future. I hope to see more from this talented writer." ~ Diane Burton ~ Scribes World Reviews ~ 4 1/2 Stars

". . . Catheryn and Gerard's rocky path to love makes for a good story, with mystery and intrigue propelling the characters along. Time spent with Gerard and Catheryn is most pleasant, indeed."~ Writers Club Romance Group on AOL

"This is a wonderfully written story, set in Medieval England...This is one of those books that suck you in so completely that you leave dishes in the sink and forget to cook dinner! The love scenes are exquisite! Super sexy dialogue and no skipping to the morning after. Denise Lynn has a remarkable gift for bringing her characters to life. If you are looking for a wickedly sexy, humorous, mysterious medieval, then this book is for you!" ~ Reviewed by Susie Burkett for Romance Fiction

". . . well written, enjoyable read. The writing is done well, the dialogue clear and not overdone with a good balance of action and narrative throughout the book. The love scenes belonged in the book, and did not seem forced, were not overdone and did not go on incessantly. Catheryn and Gerard are both well-rounded, three-dimensional characters...The fact that while Catheryn accepted Gerard as the man in her dream and didn't just bend to his will was an important aspect to the story, and made her in my eyes a strong heroine. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys medieval romances and is a book I would read again." ~ Reviewed by Susan E. DeWitt for Simply eBooks

"Reminiscent of Jude Deveraux's earlier work, Denise Lynn tells a wonderful tale of a tortured hero whose heart yearns to be free from pain, and a heroine whose heart is yet to be won."~ Reviewed by April Redmon (Romantic Times Book Reviews) http://www.rtbookreviews.com/book-review/dream-knight

I found myself engrossed in the reading of this book. It was easy to visualize the time period and feel as if I were there while the story was going on. This book is excellent reading. This is a book definitely worth buying. ~ Carol Castellanos for SIME-GEN

With a glorious historical setting and characters that draw attention, Ms. Lynn's writing is exciting and enjoyable. I was swept up in the drama of the events and carried away by the romance between Catheryn and Gerard. In a classic style, the hero and heroine are wonderful people kept apart by outside forces and misunderstandings; the villains are truly despicable; and the action is reminiscent of a dramatic saga. A touching story of betrayal and romance, This book is well worth an afternoon spent reading. Brew a cup of tea, turn off your phone and dive into this wonderful historical romance! ~ Sally G. Laturi for Ivy Quill

In Ms. Lynn's novel she has written an engaging medieval romance that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy. There's plenty of conflict, and while the love scenes are few, they are well done and tasteful. For a trip back in time to knights and damsels in distress, don't miss this book! ~ Terrie Figueroa for Romance Reviews Today

Ms Lynn's story won my heart with such warm and engaging characters that had me actually swooning from the hero's words, and the heroines loyalties. It's not often I find a book written in this period that I don't grow weary of the story...this book surpasses the norm in it's poetic form of two people who are drawn to each other and learn to trust one another despite the odds and obsticles. It is the heart of this love story that carries it through and makes this one just a little different. ~ Rita Hestand for Romanceing the Web

This book is a beautifully crafted novel with bold characters and a finely tuned plot. Ms. Lynn is already a master, or perhaps, a temptress of anticipation. This gripping tale is loaded with suspense and sexual tension. Reveur vows to not only protect his new wife from the fiend de Brye, but to give the passionate Catheryn time to want him without hesitation before the marriage consummation. Which takes longer than the count anticipates, but the sexual dance toward that goal is a treat to read. ~ Debbie Jett, Author's Den

DREAM KNIGHT is a historical romance set during the Middle Ages, which happens to be my favorite historical period of time. Reading the blurb, I hoped that this would be a good read. What I got was a superior story full of intrigue, fast action, and romance. While Gerard and Catherine don't trust each other, they do share a strong physical desire. Gerard's treatment of Catherine is poignant and utterly sensual. Anticipating the action before it happened, I found myself on the edge of my seat, oftentimes yelling at the characters like they could hear me. Realistic emotions, poignant love scenes - DREAM KNIGHT delivered both in spades. This novel is well written and sensual; I quite happily placed it on my keeper shelf when finished. DREAM KNIGHT definitely gets a "thumbs up" from this reviewer! ~ Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies


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