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Falcon's DesireFalcon's Desire (Rhys, Count of Faucon)
Book 1 The Falcon Series
Harlequin Historical ~ February 2003
ISBN:  0-373-29245-7
© by Harlequin Enterprises Limited
EMBOLDENED BY GRIEF, LYONESSE OF RYONNE HAD DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE by ensnaring the infamous Rhys of Faucon, the blackguard who had shattered her dreams. But now imprisoned in her castle's tower, the Mighty Falcon posed an even greater threat, for his slightest touch made her heart take wing and sent her soaring…straight into his powerful arms!

The Devil Faucon, they called him, yet Rhys was pleased, for it kept his enemies at bay. Unfortunately the lovely Lyonesse counted herself among them, despite the desire that flared between them. And their uneasy truce would soon be destroyed when she learned a newfound alliance bound her to him as his bride.


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Falcon's Desire ~ Excerpt:


From Chapter One:

Northern England - 1142

A raspy grumble shattered the early morning quiet of the forest. "He is not coming."

"Shh!" If Edmund hadn't been her best archer, Lyonesse of Ryonne would have left the complainer at the keep.

She hoped the Lord of Faucon would pass this way before the sun fully rose. The lengthening rays already broke through the dense foliage, casting thick slivers of sparkling light on the dew-covered moss below. The full light of day would provide little concealment for the men hiding in the trees and bushes.

A rustling of branches preceded another grumble. "This is daft. By the time he arrives I will be too stiff to move."

"Cease. He will be here soon." If their prey didn't arrive shortly, she feared the men would desert their posts.

Nay, that was a senseless worry. These were Guillaume's men. They'd brought his body to her at Taniere and remained. Each swore their allegiance not to her father, the Lord of Ryonne, but to her, the rightful mistress of Taniere.

With her betrothal to Guillaume du Pree all was in place for her to retain her responsibilities as the Mistress of Taniere. Until Faucon turned all her hopes and dreams to dust.

He would pay for all he took from her. Lyonesse scanned the men around her. They would help her exact revenge.

Their leader, John, had devised this plan to capture Faucon. By spreading word about Guillaume's death and telling all who would listen of Faucon's cowardice, John had been certain the murderer would seek him out. When the vile knave came looking for John, they would all be ready.

Lyonesse swallowed back the ever-threatening tears. While the act of capturing the Devil of Faucon would not lessen the tears, it would lighten her heart to know she'd avenged Guillaume.

If God smiled upon her quest for revenge, she'd have Faucon's lifeless body at her feet this day. By the time she finished with him, everyone would know he was not the great bird of prey they'd dubbed him. She would relish proving the tales false. All would know he was nothing more than a man. A man who could die like any other.

The abrupt rustling of bushes and tree limbs from further up the path signaled the approach of riders.

Lyonesse peered through the branches and smiled. Their wait was almost at an end.

Falcon's Desire ~ Reviews:

If Falcon's Desire is any indication, Denise Lynn is well on her way to becoming one of the best selling historical authors that the romance world has seen in a long time. So if you want a really enjoyable historical romance book to settle back with on one of these cold winter nights, I recommend giving newcomer Denise Lynn's Falcon's Desire a try. You will be begging her publisher for more before you finish the first chapter. A must read! ~ Diana Tidlund, Writers Unlimited Reviewer

(Falcon's Desire is) a charming romance full of wit and sensuality. Rhys and Lyonesse are strong and delightful characters who create sparks when together. Their dialogue is full of dry humor and his seduction will curl your toes. This captivating tale is well-paced and has a few surprises to keep you wrapped in the mystery as well as seduction scenes filled with sensuality. ~ Teresa Sanders

Falcon's Desire is an immediate attention grabber with well drawn characters and a finely tuned plot filled with some clever twists. The real highlight of this medieval tale, however, is the dynamic romantic couple. The pair practically sear the pages with their passion dance.

Sparks fly between the pair as the sexual tension builds. And Ms. Lynn definitely lets the tension build. Rhys and Lyonesse can't seem to keep their hands - or their mouths - off each other.

Falcon's Desire is a highly enjoyable read, filled with likeable characters, a healthy dollop of humor, some nice suspense and a fairly nasty villiain. But Lyonesse and Rhys are the focus here. Lyonesse is alluring and Rhys is simply... delicious. ~ Debbie Jett

With revenge, romance, intrigue and passion at it's hottest, Ms. Lynn has truly penned a story that ranks high with the best romances I have ever read. A must read for those long February nights ahead, make sure Falcon's Desire is on top of the pile. A definite keeper. ~ Catherine McHenry, Romance Reviews Today

This medieval romance had all the things that I enjoy reading in a book, a mystery to solve and a hero and heroine who hate each other so much that when they finally realize they are in love, it's explosive! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one and look forward to reading more from Denise Lynn. ~ Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews

Denise Lynn has written an outstanding romance. The characters are vivacious, well rounded and you feel the emotions that they experience. The plot is well written and keeps you turning the pages. And this is Denise’s debut novel! I’m already anxiously awaiting the next. ~ Melissa Alvarez, Romance Fiction

Lynn spins a delightful tale, with a strong medieval flavour for the period. It's charming, witty, full of suspense and adventure, with two very vivid characters that stole my heart. Followed by Falcon's Desire and Falcon's Honor. Look for one more in the series to come. A Reviews International Organization Award of Excellence Winner for 2003. The whole series is highly recommended. ~ Deborah MacGillivray, Amazon

Denise Lynn weaves a spellbinding story of betrayal, desire, and non-stop action set in Medieval England. Caught between her father and her King's command, Lyonesse of Ryonne must choose a husband between two men. To chose right will ensure her future, to chose wrong will mean death for her family. I stayed up late to read this one, I had to see how it ended. ~ Debbie Swanson, Amazon

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