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Falcon's HonorFalcon's Honor (Gareth of Faucon)
Harlequin Historical ~ March 2005
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EMBOLDENED BY GRIEF, LYONESSE OF RYONNE HAD DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE by ensnaring the infamous Rhys of Faucon, the blackguard who had shattered her dreams. But now imprisoned in her castle's tower, the Mighty Falcon posed an even greater threat, for his slightest touch made her heart take wing and sent her soaring…straight into his powerful arms!

The Devil Faucon, they called him, yet Rhys was pleased, for it kept his enemies at bay. Unfortunately the lovely Lyonesse counted herself among them, despite the desire that flared between them. And their uneasy truce would soon be destroyed when she learned a newfound alliance bound her to him as his bride.





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Falcon's Honor ~ Excerpt:

From Chapter One:

Spring, 1142 - Northern England

Sir Edgar, the captain of Faucon's guard, watched thin wisps of smoke from the crackling campfire curl upward to disappear into the darkness of the night.

The howl of a lone wolf, the soft snorts of nervous horses and the familiar scrape of sharpening stones plied against sword edges interrupted the silence of the surrounding forest.


Edgar and the other men circled around the fire for safety, warmth and companionship paid little heed to the night's sounds. Their full attention remained riveted to the raised voices coming from their lord's hastily erected tent.


While each of them had been scorched by the heat of Faucon's tongue at one time or another, they had never heard him raise his voice to a female. Bets were placed between the men. Would their lord hold his temper on this occasion, or would his uncooperative charge push him too far?


Edgar's gold was on Faucon.


"My God, save me!"


The lady's repeated cry for help went unanswered. While her shouts set their hearts to racing, Edgar knew that none of the men would assist the woman. Her steadfast determination to do her own will instead of King Stephen's landed her in this current role of captive.


Had she come peacefully as ordered, she'd not find herself in such dire straits now. Instead, she'd fought this journey to her mother's family every step of the way. For two solid days now she'd made their lives miserable.


Edgar couldn't decide whether he admired or pitied his lord's patience. If she were his charge, she'd have felt the back of his hand by now. None would blame Faucon for doing just that.


"Unhand me!"


The sharp crack of a resounding slap caused more than one soldier to flinch as they envisioned the smack on their own face. Others peered intently into the bottom of their ale mugs. Edgar wondered how much of the brew would be required before this night ended.


"You filthy swine!"


"Enough of this madness." With a heavy sigh, Edgar rose and headed toward his master's tent.


Before he could cross the clearing, Lord Gareth of Faucon backed hastily out of the tent inspecting his arm in the light emanating from the tent. "You black-haired wench, never try something like that again."


Edgar sucked in a breath at the menace evident in Faucon's low, emotionless tone. From the corner of his eye, he saw the others freeze. All knew that deadly tone meant Faucon had reached the limit of his patience. Edgar feared for his stash of gold, in his mind's eye he saw it shrink considerably.


Gareth glanced at his stinging forearm where she'd raked her nails in an attempt to further prove her displeasure. "By God, I am bleeding!"


Enraged, he swung away from the tent to tend his arm and collided with his man, nearly knocking the two of them to the dirt.


"Milord." Edgar caught his footing first and swiftly pulled Gareth upright. "Perhaps it would be best to explain the situation to her one more time?"


"One more time?" Gareth looked down at his man in surprise. "You think I have not tried?" His amazement was obviously not lost on his shamefaced captain. "Repeated discussion has brought me only an aching head, stinging cheek and bleeding arm."


He stomped toward the fire and accepted a proffered wineskin. The overly fermented grape coursed a bitter trail across his tongue, then down his throat. He swallowed hard, seeking to hold back his grimace as he returned the container to its owner.


Ack. Sour wine and sour women had one thing in common-they both sought to ruin his good nature.


"Milord Faucon!"


Gareth instinctively turned toward the man's shout, only to see his captive rush around the side of his tent and disappear into the blackness of the forest.


Falcon's Honor ~ Reviews:

Falcon’s Honor by Denise Lynn is an example of historical romance at it’s very finest. Gareth and Rhian are both formidable characters whose strengths and passion is powerful. This profound couple captures a reader’s attention and holds them captive until the very end. Ms. Lynn’s vivid description and characterizations delve into a reader’s imagination, compassion and heart into this story. Rhian and Gareth are obvious the intricate pieces of this story, but the mystery about Rhian and the challenges they face make for fantastic reading. Falcon’s Honor receives the Road to Romance Reviewer’s Choice Award for it’s dabbling into mystery and supernatural elements, the excellent characters and vivid drama that unfold within the pages. Falcon’s Honor is a medieval romance that is most definitely recommended to readers. ~ Tracey West, The Road to Romance

Nonstop action, a marvelous captive/captor plotline, a hint of fantasy and more than a touch of passion converge, making this book a memorable romance and a feast for fans of medieval romance. Rated: Sensual. FOUR STARS!!! ~ By Kathe Robin, Romantic Times


Denise gives the characters the depth of emotion through their honor to the others they are bound to. Lady Rhian and Lord Gareth find that soul-deep love that doesn't come along every day. I really enjoyed their romance...Denise also gave the characters strength. It was shown by their determination to complete the duty and honor they were bound to fulfill. They are willing to sacrifice their love for the sake of honor. You rooted for them and wanted them to be together. The evolving romance between Lord Gareth and Lady Rhian was very well written and I enjoyed their banter as they moved from temporary guardian and charge to true love. ~ Trudy, Once Upon A Romance


Numerous attacks, treachery by supposedly loyal servants and a warrior, passionate scenes between Gareth and Rhian, scenes where other men seek to control Rhian's resistant stance, and a mysterious, secretive and unexpected conclusion thread through this fast-paced, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable story! Anyone who loves historical fiction, hot romantic scenes and a heck of a good mysterious yarn will love this novel! ~ Viviane Crystal, Crystal Reviews


(Falcon's Honor) certainly was an action packed medieval laden with a very passionate and seductive tone. Both lead characters were well matched and the secondary characters added a pleasant spice and wit to the dialogs...fluid prose that combined with her very clever and original plots will shoot her right up to the top of the heap in this medieval/paranormal genre. ~ Marilyn , Historical Romance Writers


FALCON'S HONOR has all three ingredients -- a delish hero, a devilish heroine and just the right touch of humor. Amid non-stop action and intrigue, this pair's bickering and bantering thinly veils a strong sexual attraction. The love dance is in full swing in Falcon's Honor. And what a delicious dance it is... ~ Debbie Jett, Romance Reader


I am always pleased when I discover another author I want to read again. FALCON'S HONOR is the first title I've read by Denise Lynn but it surely won't be the last. (Rhian) is a willful, impetuous woman, not afraid to take risks or back down from a confrontation. (Gareth) is definitely a "knight in shining armor," the type readers like to fantasize about. Along with alluring characters, FALCON'S HONOR is a success for the romance and lively story it delivers. The relationship between Gareth and Rhian is passionate and touching, and satisfied all my romantic inclinations. I certainly recommend it. ~ Sandra Brill, Romance Reviews Today


... those of us who have waited for this next book of this promising historical writer gets a double treat....The characters are fun. Lynn writes with a growing strength in her voice, enabling her to paint her tale with clever characters, secondary as well as the hero and heroine, and give fresh touch to the typical medieval plot line, that shows her talent coming into it's own. I eagerly look forward to the third tale in this series. ~ DeborahAnne MacGillivray, Amazon.com


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