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"...Ms. Lynn captivates readers with rich, intense romance, action and sensuality..."  RT Bookreviews

Pregnant By The WarriorPregnant By The Warrior (Jared of Warehaven)
Warehaven Story #2
Harlequin Historical ~ January 2010
ISBN:  978-0-373-29578-4 
eISBN: 9781426846502
© by Harlequin Enterprises Limited


Lea of Montreau has a stark choice: marry, produce an heir, or forfeit her keep. A proud leader, she's prepared to do whatever it takes to protect her people. It seems fate is in agreement when a stranger approaches…

Warrior Jared of Warehaven was once Lea's betrothed. Now that Lea's future is under threat she can't become emotionally involved with Jared again. But he has plans of his own, and he intends to use every seductive trick he knows to get Lea to comply…


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Pregnant By  The Warrior ~ Excerpt:

From Chapter One

Montreau Keep

Drawing nearer the keep, Jared realised his guard had been partly correct. A solitary figure did stand in the open entry way. But the light from the torches illuminated not a man, but a woman.

Her long, unbound hair whipped about her in the wind. Would the raven tresses still feel like silk beneath his touch? Would they curl around his wrist like chains as if to hold him near?

Jared gritted his teeth against the unwarranted memories.

Less than a dozen feet away, he stopped and glanced up at the walls. The
brave men of Montreau stood at attention, holding their helmets on the wall before them-their empty hands in full view. They seemed content to permit a lone woman to welcome what could potentially be an enemy.

He drew his gaze back to Lea. Even if he hadn't known her, he would guess her to be Montreau's lady by her proud stance. Jared couldn't decide if he thought her brave, or senseless.

To his chagrin, she grew more striking with each step that brought him closer. Her regal-like, straight posture belied her height. He knew from experience that the top of her head would barely reach his shoulder when her cheek rested against his chest.

The long sapphire cloak bunched on the ground around her feet. From the way it didn't move in the wind, she apparently stood on the extra length.

The familiar frame of ebony hair set off the paleness of her heart-shaped face.

She looked fragile-vulnerable. He wanted nothing more than to care for her, protect her. Jared swallowed his instincts, knowing that was the image she'd intended to portray. He'd fallen for that hoax once before.

Determined to keep their former relationship nothing more than a distant memory and from making a spectacle in public, he focused on the business at hand. He stopped an arm's length before her. 'I come to protect this keep in the name of the Empress Matilda.'

She nodded. 'I have been apprised of your arrival.' She motioned to her men. 'We have no quarrel with this visit by Empress Matilda's men.'

Visit? Jared raised an eyebrow at her statement. 'Lady Lea, perhaps you misunderstood. This is not a simple visit. My men and I are to secure Montreau from all.'

'All?' Her brows furrowed in question. 'Surely not from its own inhabitants?'

'From all.' Jared wasn't backing down on this. The empress had ordered him to take and hold Montreau.

'But...' Her voice trailed off as if uncertain how to respond.

Jared motioned towards the keep. 'We can discuss the details inside.'

'Details?' She shook her head. 'Details of what?'

'The details of you surrendering the control of Montreau to me.'

Lea straightened her back and lifted her chin a notch. She met his gaze with a hard stare. 'This is my keep, Warehaven. I will surrender control to no one-not even you.'

Jared's fingers instinctively tightened around the hilt of his sword. 'Then I will take it from you.'


Pregnant By The Warrior ~ Reviews:

The only word to describe this book is WOW! Jared and Lea are such amazing characters and the emotions are felt throughout the book – the sorrow, the love, the passion and especially the fear Lea feels at possibly losing Jared. Their love is intense and hot as all get out but not all consuming. The problems seemed realistic and very real for the time period. ~ Mary Gramlich for The Reading Reviewer, 5 Stars

Lynn captivates readers with a rich, intense romance between a warrior and the lady of the castle. The story is enriched with historical details, lots of action and sensuality. ~ Maria Ferrer, RT Reviews, 4 stars

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