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Wedding At WarehavenWedding at Warehaven (Randall fitzHenry)
Novella from the
Hallowe'en Husbands Anthology
(Halloween Temptations in the UK)
Warehaven Story #1
Harlequin Historical ~ October 2008
ISBN:  978-0-373-29517-3
eISBN: 9781426823060
© by Harlequin Enterprises Limited
 When Brigit of Warehaven casts a simple spell to reveal her true love's identity, she never expects to wed him that same night! But until the mischievous trickeries of All Hallows' Eve are over, Randall FitzHenry cannot truly claim his bride's heart...

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Wedding at Warehaven ~ Excerpt:


From Chapter One:

October 27, 1117 - Warehaven Keep:

Clouds streaked steadily toward the near-full moon like ghostly fingers reaching across the sky. Sir Randall FitzHenry, bastard son of the King, waited silently beneath the towering oaks.Soon the pale glow would go dim. Then, under the cover of darkness, he and his men would swarm Warehaven Keep.

As he had done many times this last hour, he stared across the narrow field separating the heavy woods from the keep. Through the open gates Randall could see the still roaring blaze of the bonfire in the bailey.

For three successive nights the shouts and laughter of those dancing around the fire drifted across the field. Behind the voices beat the rhythmic pulse of the tabor drums.

He nodded at the joyous shouts of Warehaven's celebrants. Let them make merry now. For this would be the last night they practiced their pagan rites.

No more would they shamefully cast aside their inhibitions to dance and mingle so brazenly in the open before the fire.

And no more would they enact some Wild Hunt. A shiver traced down his spine at the memory of gazing upon the woman they'd sacrificed. Bruised, torn and broken she'd died in agony, her unseeing eyes open wide, a scream frozen forever on her lips.

Aye, he would find this stag of the forest--this supposed pagan god and his followers. He would end the vileness plaguing Warehaven once and for all. Those tasks he would accomplish without fail and without remorse.

The last task his liege, his father the King commanded--the one that left a bitter taste in his mouth--he would begrudgingly fulfil. He would ensure the keep's loyalty by forever binding Warehaven's unwed witch to the crown.

Shadows inched across the field as the moon disappeared behind the encroaching clouds. Randall raised his hand, holding it steady above his head until darkness overtook the last glimmer of light.

He lowered his arm, silently waving his men forward.

Wedding at Warehaven ~ Reviews:

In WEDDING AT WAREHAVEN, Denise Lynn takes a look at the darker side of 12th century medieval times with a wicked villain, an aspect done so well in her previous medieval romances, and adds a bit of magic and mystery. Vivid imagery and riveting conflict make WEDDING AT WAREHAVEN a memorable read after the last sentence. Against a backdrop of murder, the appearance of witchcraft sets Randall and Brigit, two people loyal to those they serve, at cross purposes. Can she convince Randall of her innocence?

Determined to resist his advances, Brigit is no push-over. Behind his tough exterior and no-nonsense approach, Randall's noble motivations make him the perfect match for Brigit, a man ready to slay dragons or any other threat, magical or humanly creature that put his true love at risk. Can they hunt out the true cause of the mayhem in the realm before the end of the festivities?

WEDDING AT WAREHAVEN combines all that is best of medieval times --- history, villains and nobility, magic --- in this delightful Halloween short medieval romance. ~ Merrimon Crawford Medieval Book Reviews


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